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I was playing around with a variety of Google “products” and discovered a way to selectively share and annotate links for public viewing that doesn’t expose you, my gentle Knotty Notion reader, to silly cat and dog pictures and such that I subject my friends to (or cause my friends to wade through endless knot and braid posts for my thoughts on the latest installment of mad scientist cartoons).

And so, in the menu to the left, you will now see “Link Dump” which takes information directly from my newsfeed reader (Google Reader) as I flag and tag. This will allow me to quickly process, then share and comment on items of knotty (and braid-y) interest in a much less labour intensive way than my traditional cut/paste/post method. Special gems/information rich finds will still be singled out for more detailed commentary and deliberate posts.

The aggregate feeds are more ephemeral as they are removed after 16 weeks, although they will remain on the analogous Google Reader pages (eg How to Knots) pages for ??? I only just started and based on previous experience, I expect that they might start disappearing after 30 days, but if I’m lucky they’ll stay longer than the 16 weeks they’ll be around on the aggregate feed.

If you click through to the Sources from the Link Dump page, and then the “more” for a particular tag, you can subscribe to individual tags that interest you if you like. There are several more tags I expect to come, and they’ll be added to the Link Dump feed as they’re generated.

There’s other things I’d like the Link Dump to do, but I think this is a pretty good start.

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