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The Complete Art of Chinese Knotting TV show

It should not surprise you that there is a Chinese knotting television show in China (I could be wrong, these could be an instructional DVD set or a web series. Does it matter?) and someone has digitized clips for a youTube-ish website, Videopedia World.

Here’s the link to the “channel”: 中国结艺大全

The show is called 中国结艺大全.
Chinese knot (simplified): 中国结
art: 艺
big: 大
full/complete/entire: 全
these characters together: 大全 Google translates as “Guinness” which I find very unhelpful.

In any case, I’m calling it as “The Complete Art of Chinese Knotting”.

The production values are very good here, and the host speaks wonderfully clear Mandarin.

The uploaded segments are half an hour (more or less) and cover a range of related knots and projects.

The videos are titled with what I now believe to be episode and segment numbers, but when I was taking my personal notes, I didn’t pay attention to that. So, here’s my notes for the Videopedia World videos:
vp29807 cloverleaf flowers
vp30199 compound cloverleaf
vp30038 crown sinnet
pan chang
vp14313 zhongguojie-org
vp27104 button knot rose, double coin ring
vp27316 double coin rings
vp27397 history tool intro, pan chang
vp27549 double coin intro
vp27688 round mat ring
vp27808 ocean plat, other mat
vp27993 snake sinnet, square mat
vp28067 square mat continued, creeper knot
vp28422 good luck knot
vp28814 woven hat, button and pipa knots
vp29132 plafond, portugese sinnet, sauvastika
vp29807 3x3 pan chang
vp29971 mystic variations: long, cross, hollow triangle
vp30038 mystic: hollow square, stone chime

During the introduction/theme song portion of video clips, a logo for “youku” appears. A little searching around turns up, a youTube-a-like. Or maybe a broadcaster/TV channel that’s posted many clips of their shows online?

In any case, their page indexing their clips of tCAoCK is here:

The clips are shorter here, 20 minutes or so vs 30 minutes or so on Videopedia World and they seem to have put more effort into finding a relevant image to put on the clip’s teaser image.

Obviously the material is the same except for the segmentation. I have not viewed many of these videos yet, and so have no notes.

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