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Double Plafond Prototype: Layout One

double plafond first loop layout So, start by sketching out the 2 centres, one over the other connected, two cords coming in the top and out the bottom. These are the assumptions I started with. So, then there are 2 cord terminal points on either side of each centre. How should those points be joined? This is my first layout sketch.

So, what do you think? Will it work?

Double Plafond Prototype: Plafond Input Output

plafond inputs and outputs Backing up a step, I took a second to map the cord paths through the body of the single plafond knot. A square symbolizes what I consider to be the mass of the knot and letters mark the entrance and exit points. The two (sort of) directed graphs show the cord path THROUGH the knot and away from the knot.

Double Plafond Prototype: Intial Sketch

initial sketch I had my frame around 2 diamond centres, but I wanted the side structures to be balanced. Here’s a first sketch (sans-frame) with some cord paths. You can see that even by the bottom of the sketch I was giving up the idea that (1) my sketched paths were accurate or (2) that the sketched paths were useful. No doubt if I were a better draughter that would not be true, but…

Double Plafond Prototype: Add Sauvastika

plafond plus sauvastika So, I tied a sauvastika knot under the centre of the plafond knot while interlacing the side ears around the plafond frame, and then put the incoming and outgoing cords back through top and bottom frame parts. I have my double diamonds in their frame, but the sauvastika ears are not balanced. The knot is not properly symmetric across the major axes. I wasn’t expecting success at this juncture, but it’s close.

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