Knotty Notions

Finished Instructions for the Plafond Knot (藻井結, 国結び, 안경매듭)

black and white plafond knot I’ve finally finished the text to go with the images for the plafond knot. I hope you enjoy it.

On an entirely different note, I wanted to print one of the pages from my blog out but the content was overwhelmed by the sidebar/menu text. I found this frustrating, so I installed a print module for the blog. You should now see a “printer friendly version” button near the top of each post. The module has options for PDF and email, but since most printer pop-ups have options to print to PDF and you can cut/paste URL’s for email that seemed unnecessary. If you disagree, or I’m just wrong about the whole printer dialog thing for your computer/browser, just let me know, it’s quick and easy to activate.

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