Good Luck Wire

3 good luck knot rendered in copper wire4 good luck knot rendered in copper wire Documenting this backwards: the first knot I tried because of the simplicity of the structure and easy construction was the good luck knot. Significant amounts of twisted wire cluttered my work area until I decided to try tied knot templates. Simple folded shapes, each one the same, fit together to form the knot. A little fiddling with the ends to make sure the pieces don’t pop back out completes the knots.

Edit: In case it’s not clear from the pictures, these knots as well as the hairpin mystic knot have varying degrees of play in the structure (not so much the mystic pendant due to the wire wrapped parts) meaning that the individual pieces shift around and depending on how you hold it or hang it, you can get a square-ish shape or more of a rhomboidal shape. Of course, you can crimp things down until it holds together the way you want it to, or do some decorative/structural wire wrapping to control the shape. I have this idea to use rose montee beads at the intersection of each set of wires which should work, given the right size wire and pre-planning (that’s the trick! 8)

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