Mystic Wire Part 3

3x3 mystic knot pendant tied in copper wire3x3 mystic knot tied in copper wire I have these visions of graceful scrolls and curls, but things never seem to turn out that way. What I should be doing, of course, is cut the wire much longer and not be so concerned about waste (does anyone recycle/re-smelt copper bits like they do silver?) then this piece won’t be too short and that one too long and the whole design not gel.

If you look closely at the bottom left side, you’ll see that the wire there is deflecting significantly from the plane in order to achieve the over and unders. This, as usual, is partly due to my not yet having found my needle tool at that point. While the piece itself is not spectacularly successful, I think it’s a fine proof-of-concept piece for later development.

Similarly the 3x3 mystic (right) that I tied right after the 2x2 shown in Wire Basics displays deflection issues and general distortion on a more global scale. But, for the purists, at least it’s all tied from an uncut length of wire. 8)

Tomorrow, some higher order flower knots in wire. Edit: Turns out I lied. The next day was the good luck knots and the flower knots were the day after.

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