Double Plafond Prototype: More Simple Knots

double plafond prototype with more simple knots So, I was writing up the preamble to my instructions for the plafond knot and was thinking about how one might logically expand this knot. It has no ears and the usual construction methods are resolutely square, so the idea of making something not quadrilateral based seemed unlikely (although just typing that has given me a little bit of an idea… 8). But the idea still seemed worth pursuing. I knew that Lydia Chen had come up with 2 variations, but I had something else in mind.

So, fully expecting nothing much, I continued the usual plafond construction method and tied 2 extra simple knots before bringing the free ends up and then back down through the middle of the knot. Yep, nothing much.

A note on the quality of the illustrations here. They were taken with my phone camera with the ambient light at the kids’ sports centre while watching them do their extracurricular activities, so sketchy photos to go with sketchy ideas.

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