Canada Day 2010

maple leaf with hexagonal flower core and double coin points A maple leaf for Canada Day. What can I say, maybe next year I’ll knot a beaver or a moose. 8)

maple leaf with hexagonal flower core and 2 overlap square flower points Both leaves have a hexagonal flower core as the leaf on the flag has 3 big points (with 3 sub points), 2 little points and a stem == 6. The top leaf has double coin knots on the big points which just happen to have 3 lobes. I was thinking I’d try for something more pointy as the flag leaf is quite sharp, so I went with the square flower knot with it’s 4 ears (2 overlap), but since the knot becomes more narrow as it exits the knot the effect isn’t as close as the double coin version despite being pointier, IMHO.

The all flower version is finished off with some double connection knots on the stem unlike the laissez-faire attitude exhibited in the first leaf. 8)

Cheerful Chinese red works just as well for the maple leaf, I think. Well, close enough for government work as they say. 8)

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