Easter 2009

an attempt at a bunny head modified using a good luck knot with inset ears So, I had this image in my mind of an abstract-ish rabbit with a nice triangular face and long ears. So I tied a triangular good luck knot with inset ears. Holding it in my hand it looked fine, but when let go and put down, the ears don’t point up and the whole rabbit effect is lessened greatly.

I have a few other ideas for better rabbits including using globe knots, but what am I going to do in later years if I use all of my ideas right away, eh? 8)

So, this one is not what I would term a success. Live, experiment (preferably non-destructively) and learn.

If I try this particular idea again it might be a good idea to use a pentagonal or hexagonal base in order to position ears that point up, snug up the extra loops to hide them or provide shaping. Maybe even whiskers.

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