American Independence Day 2010

pentagonal stellar knot in red, white, and blue with cut ears A pentagonal stellar knot tied in red, white and blue in a tribute to the flag colours and stars. Since I wanted the colours to remain in the same order as they went around the knot, the ears could not nest as is usually desirable in a ribbon style multi-strand knot. Instead the colours cross as shown below. Knowing this would happen, I had planned to cut the ears when I started thinking of the design. Once cut, it was both less and more than I expected as the cut ends were more chaotic than I was expecting, although down near the body of the knot the doubled colour alignment from the front and back layers was… well, I’m still trying to decide how much I like or dislike it. 8)

In any case, the overall effect is sort of firework-like, don’t you think? If I scanned it again, I might mess up the ends a bit more. 8)

pentagonal stellar knot in red, white, and blue with twisted ears Before I cut the ears… I dunno, I think they just look messy when they don’t nest. Plus, when the colours come down in a different order on each side of the ear as they enter the body of the knot… wrongness. Maybe if I tried it again and made each colour a different length it would look more planned? In any case, I’m happy with the cut version and can play with ears and colour mixes another time. 8)

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