Stellar Knots and Sidedness

6 pointed stellar knot in blue and white I was reviewing my previous post and noticing how rounded the 6 pointed stellar knot looked when I remembered it being way more angular. Looking at the actual knot revealed that there is a mild sidedness to the stellar knot.

6 pointed stellar knot in blue and white tightened One side appears more rounded than the other. I tried tightening the knot more firmly, but the curve is still there.

6 pointed stellar knot in blue and white To show you what I’m yammering about, this is the other side. The difference is so dramatic (distinct?) that for a second I thought that I had made a construction error, but over 1, under 2, over 2, under 1. The same on both sides, it’s right.

Did double and triple checking still miss a construction error? Possible…

A review of my 5 pointed stellar knots shows the same tendency to curve. What causes that? Something to ponder and analyze more in depth later…

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