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Maedup Translation Grid

Knot in Korean (romanized), maedup or maedeup. Po-tae-toe po-tah-toe or more accurately Beijing vs Peking. I first saw it as maedup and still see it as that from time to time, it’s shorter, I like short. Brevity is good. When I’m copying something down and it’s written as maedeup, I’ll copy it that way though. So, no consistency. Sorry.

But, knot in Korean (Hangeul) is 매듭. No confusion there.

Traditional knot: 전통매듭 jeon-tong-mae-deup

In the translation grid below, I’m leaving the “maedeup” off of the Korean romanization (MCT), “knot” or “매듭” off of names from time to time to keep the table as compact as I can without excessive ambiguity. Consider them implied if they’re not there. 8) Also, if the romanization has dashes in it, I probably got it from an online conversion tool, if it doesn’t, then I got it from one of my books.

Edit note: I was looking at my bookshelf trying to decide what I wanted to do next, and i came across my Noeuds coréens and decided to add French to the grid since France and South Korea enjoy a special relationship.

</tr> </table>
Korean Translation Written Korean MCT Common/English Name Français Translation Notes
dorae maedeup 도래매듭 dorae double connection/two strand Matthew Walker knot superposé Google translate says "advent knot" but my English Maedeup book written by Kim Hee-jin has no English name for this knot.
lotus bud knot 연봉매듭 yeonbong button/diamond knot lotus machine translates as "salary knot"
ginger knot 생쪽매듭 saengjjok square flower/cloverleaf knot gingembre
plum blossom knot 매듭매듭 maehwa maedeup hexagonal flower/round brocade knot prunier literally "knot knot". The "plum blossom" is "매화" (maehwa). I've seen this more than once, though, perhaps a typo that's been repeated via cut and paste?
spectacles knot 안경매듭 angyeong plafond knot lunette machine translates as: "glasses, the knot" 8)
one mind knot 동심결매듭 dongsimgyeol good luck knot
chrysanthemum 국화매듭 gukhwa mystic/pan chang knot chrysanthéme used to translate as "national flower knot" but now it's "flower knot"
wing knot 날개 매듭 nalgae maedeup sauvastika/true lovers knot aile given the English name, I machine translated for the Korean in this case, the romanization matches, so I'm comfy with the accuracy of the translation
three loops knot 세벌감개 sebeolgamgae 3x3 mystic machine translates as "three memories knot"
four loops knot 네벌감개 nebeolgamgae 4x4 mystic ne == four
five loops knot 다섯감개 daseotbeolgamgae 5x5 mystic daseot == five
Google romanizes 5 as daseos. Typo?

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