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$@#!# Hackers

So, my sites got hacked in one of those big open source exploits you hear about. The fix was quick, but hackers were even quicker. Luckily I am a small fry. They installed a back door, added me to a “someday” list (I’m sure) and then went away to look at their big prizes, so my glacial response time was not fatal.

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Quick link blog

Waaaaay back when, before Google+ and such, I was doing knot related link curation through Google Reader. It was quick, I was able to bring interesting and important knot related stuff to your attention, I added some commentary or annotation and didn’t have to worry about copyright issues because the mechanism left it as pointers to the original source.

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Wanna See My Talk?

Procrastination is a strange thing. I was doing pretty well with the daily thing for at least 2 months and then mid-March I stumbled big-time. Then the longer I wasn’t posting, the less incentive there was to post. I came up with a few ideas to help me keep up, but never did them. I tied a number of knots including more Ashley knots and some seasonal ones not to mention finishing the give away tassels. While I haven’t scanned the seasonal knots, I had long ago scanned the give away tassels. Why not post them? It’s quick, no? As the offspring are fond of saying: “I dunno…”

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About Us

There I was thinking disgruntled thoughts about this other site where I couldn’t find any “About Us” type information. “Always tell people who you are, fool!” I thought, “It’s one of the first web rules along with ‘Always tell readers where they are, don’t expect them to know.’” But then I realized I hadn’t made an “About Us” page for this site. Since I was starting from personal thoughts and starting by telling, effectively, my knotty friends who presumably (assuming, bad!) know who I am… Well, enough self-justification, time to fix the problem. Also, in retrospect, my slogan is unhelpful in letting people know where they are… but one thing at a time.

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