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The Creeper Knot (攀緣結, 당초매듭) in Korean

Using the Korean keyboard on my iPhone (much nicer than anything I could quickly find online for free), I am able to type the name of the knot I found, and the name of the book I found it in. Let’s start with the knot: 당초매듭 (dang-cho-mae-deup) which machine translates as “initially the knot” or “initial knot” a translation that lacks both poetry and, I suspect, gist. But, searching with “당초매듭” finds us this web page: which, after I turned off a few security settings, shows us… a creeper knot! Jackpot!

So, back to the book:
in wee little type over the title: 우아한 전통의 (u-a-han jeon-tong-ui)
in big type: 한국애듭 (han-gu-gae-deup)
in teeny tiny type under the title: 김주현 편저 (gim-ju-hyeon pyeon-jeo)

Which Google Translates as: Korea’s traditional and elegant knot / endeavor to eds.

Breaking it down, “우아한 전통의” is “elegant traditional”, indeed “우아한” == “elegant” and “전통의” == “traditional”. “한국” == “(South) Korea” and “애듭” == “knot”.

Machine translating “editors” gives us “편집자” so “편저” is some author/editor indicator, which leaves “김주현” as the author/editor’s name.

Searching with Google and a combination of these strings turns up a listing for the book in the National Library of Australia ( which looks as follows:

Uahan chŏntʻong ŭi Hanʻguk maedŭp / Kim Chu-hyŏn pʻyŏnjŏ
우아한전통의한국매듭 / 김주현편저
Bib ID 443938
Format BookBook, Online Online - Google Books
Kim, Chu-hyŏn

Description Sŏul : Hallim Chʻulpʻansa, 1980.
서울: 翰林出版社, 1980
103 p. : ill. (some sol.) ; 27 cm.

On verso of t.p.: Traditional Korean knot.
Subjects Knots and splices.
Also Titled

Hanʾguk maedŭp.

Traditional Korean knot.

Interestingly, the “BookBook” “Google Books” business doesn’t show up when you’re looking at the listing directly. Why when I cut and paste it shows up, I’m not sure. What does it mean?

In other interesting things that show up when you click around on the ‘net:

Hanʾguk maedŭp, yangchʻo kongye / Kim Chu-hyŏn, Yi Kyŏng-suk chiŭm
한국매듭, 양초공예 / 김주현, 이경숙지음
Bib ID 2243995
Format BookBook, Online Online - Google Books
Kim, Chu-hyŏn

Edition Chungpʻan.
Description Sŏul : Hallim Chʻulpʻansa, 1989.
서울 : 한림출판사, 1989
239 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.

Segye chŏntʻong kongye kangjwa ; 7.

세계전통공예강좌 ; 7.

“Yŏsŏng silgi kyosil”.
Subjects Knots and splices. | Candlemaking.
Other authors/contributors Yi, Kyŏng-suk
이 경숙

Another book by what seems to be the same author, especially since it’s about knots… and candlemaking. A budget craft edition that combines 2 books?

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