Good Luck Variations 6: Corner Cross Twist Split

4 sided criss cross twist split good luck knotback of 4 sided criss cross twist split good luck knot 小耳翼疊壓吉祥結B型 little ear wing fold pressure lucky/auspicious knot B type/build/model

Sounds like I’m describing an Olympic diving move, eh? 8) Someday I’ll get around to scanning the how-to steps, but until then descriptions will have to suffice. The corner split variation’s corner loops were extended then crowned and split the opposite loop. The “Corner Cross Twist Split” (ccts) also extends the corner loops, but “twists” them back to the other side of their side loop, then crowns the side loops, and like the inset ear splits the loop on the other side. As with the corner split variation, the front and back don’t match.

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