Knotty Notions

The advanced THCA and ZGJ tests compared

The THCA advanced test knots are exclusively pan chang/mystic knot variants. The compound knot section consist of two (2) more elaborate amphora knot variants.

The ZGJ advanced test just goes on and on. If not for the continuous numbering, I would think I had somehow missed the section break into their teacher test. I still kind of wonder about that since, as far as I can tell, there is no ZGJ teacher test. Since the ZGJ advanced test sort of (???) combines the contents of the THCA advanced and teacher tests, perhaps they consider it their teacher test? If so, why not call it that? So many questions…

檢定分級-高級 (Jiǎndìng fēnjí-gāojí) THCA Advanced Test (38 knots with 2 inversions, 2 compound knots; pages 44-46)

01. 長盤長	(cháng pán zhǎng	/	1x5 long mystic)
02. 寶門		(bǎo mén		/	3x5 treasure door)
03. 迴紋		(huí wén		/	3x5 curved line)
04. 寶門		(bǎo mén	/		5x4 tall treasure door)
05. 三角盤長(一) 	(sānjiǎo pán zhǎng (yī)	/	pectoral knot / triangular mystic (unit))
06. 三角盤長(二) 	(sānjiǎo pán zhǎng (èr)	/	2x2 unit mystic triangle)
07. ¼圓盤長(一) 	(¼ yuán pán zhǎng (yī) 	/	2x2 quarter round mystic)
08. ¼圓盤長(二)	(¼ yuán pán zhǎng (èr)	/	3x3 quarter round mystic)
09. ½圓盤長(一) 	(½ yuán pán zhǎng (yī) 	/	2x2 half round mystic)
10. ½圓盤長(二) 	(½ yuán pán zhǎng (èr)	/	3x2 half round mystic)
11. 磬結(一)	(qìng jié (yī)		/	stone chime knot)
12. 磬結(二)	(qìng jié (èr)		/	stone chime knot inverted)
13. 菱花結	(líng huā jiē		/	water chestnut blossom)
14. 三才(一)	(sāncái (yī)		/	2 small steps knot)
15. 三才(二)	(sāncái (èr)		/	3 small steps knot)
16. 金鐘結	(jīn zhōng jié		/	golden bell knot)
17. 高陞結(一)	(gāoshēng jié (yī)	/	2 big steps knot)
18. 高陞結(二)	(gāoshēng jié (èr)	/	2 big steps knot inverted)
19. 六角盤長	(Liùjiǎo pán zhǎng	/	unit hexagonal mystic)
20. 五角盤長	(wǔjiǎo pán zhǎng	/	2x2 pentagonal mystic)
21. 六角盤長	(liùjiǎo pán zhǎng	/	2x2 hexagonal mystic)
22. 水滴		(shuǐdī			/	teardrop mystic)
23. 葉子		(yèzi			/	2x2 leaf mystic)
24. 葉子		(yèzi			/	3x3 leaf mystic)
25. 連體磬盤長	(Lián tǐ qìng pán zhǎng	 /   	stacked stone chime)
26. 3連體盤長(一)	(3 lián tǐ pán zhǎng (yī)	/ 3 stacked 3x3 mystic)
27. 3連體盤長(二)	(3 lián tǐ pán zhǎng (èr)	/ 3 merged 3x3 mystic)
28. 2連體盤長(一)	(2 lián tǐ pán zhǎng (yī)	/ 2 merged 2x2 mystic)
29. 2連體盤長(二) 	(2 lián tǐ pán zhǎng (èr)	/ 2 stacked 3x3 mystic)
30. 2連體盤長(三)	(2 lián tǐ pán zhǎng (sān) /	2 stacked 4x4 mystic)
31. 複翼盤長	(fù yì pán zhǎng	    /    3x3 complex wing mystic)
32. 疊翼盤長	(dié yì pán zhǎng	     /   4x4 stacked wing mystic) 
33. 複翼團錦	(fù yì tuán jǐn		   /	Complex wing brocade (decagonal))
34. 疊翼團錦	(dié yì tuán jǐn	/	stacked wing brocade (dodecagonal))
35. 疊翼回菱	(dié yì huí líng	/	4x4 stacked wing hollow diamond)
36. 疊翼三角盤長	(dié yì sānjiǎo pán zhǎng	/ 4 stacked wing hollow triangular mystic)
37. 複翼磬結(一)	(Fù yì qìng jié (yī)	/	complex wing stone chime top)
38. 複翼磬結(二)	(fù yì qìng jié (èr)	/	complex wing stone chime side)
A01. 團錦抓耳翼應用	(tuán jǐn zhuā ěr yì yìngyòng	/ crossed brocade double amphora knot)
A02. 盤長抓耳翼應用	(pán zhǎng zhuā ěr yì yìngyòng	/ crossed 3x3 mystic double amphora knot)

It may (or may not) surprise you that I have not clicked through every example link in the ZGJ tests. When I tried the link for items 10-21, I found that the contents of that link is only available to members with junior or intermediate medals. A little more research showed that these medals are given to those who have passed the relevant tests. Not all of the more advanced examples are locked to those who have not passed previous tests, though.

In addition to a few inverted knots, the ZGJ advanced test also introduces “mirror” knots. That’s what I’m calling it when the test finds it relevant whether or not a knot is clockwise or counterclockwise and wants both.

The last section of the ZGJ test, for the pick and choose complex ornaments, is a little messy translation-wise with large amounts left au naturel from the machine translation. This will be cleaned up as we go through it, if we get there… Sorry!
ZGJ Chinese rope knot art advanced standards
(49 knots (3 were in the THCA Intermediate) with 2 mirror knots and 2 inversions, 1 tassel, 4 projects + pick 2 of 6 more projects)

一. 单结部分 (Single knot section)

  1. 长纽扣结 (Long button knot / double button knot)

  1. 双藻井 (double algae wells / double plafond knot)

  1. 单线藻井:在一个环套上,编藻井结。(Single-line caisson: In a ring, the algae well knot. / plafond with one working end, tied as separated offset mirror twins)
    徒手编法(入字面) [freehand, counter clockwise]
针板编法(人字面) [pinned, clockwise]

  1. 六瓣纽扣结 (Six button knot / hexagonal button knot)

  1. 横六瓣纽扣结:单线头运作,在环套上编。(Cross six button knot: single-thread operation, in the loop on the series. / hexagonal button knot with one working end, tied as separated ofset mirror twins)

锦囊结 (brocade bag knot / mat knot section):

  1. 单结起手 (Single knot / ocean plat)

  1. 双钱起手 (Double money hands / prolong knot)

二. 盘长部分 (Long part of the plate / pan chang/mystic section)

  1. 四回叠翼盘长 (Four fold wingspan long / 4x4 stacked wing mystic)

  1. 套色盘长 (Set color plate length / 3x3 pinwheel weave mystic (2 colour))

10-21. 特殊形状盘长(高升,双胞胎,三胞胎,三才,宝门,金钟,菱花,鱼结, 共12个) 这个部分要求看实物图编结,不提供走线图。

10-21. Special Shape Tray Length (Ascendant, Twins, Triplets, Saints, Bauhinia, Admiralty, Rhombus, Fish knot, 12 in total). This part is required to see the physical map compilation, does not provide a route map.
10-21. shaped mystics (2 big steps knot, 2 big steps knot inverted, 2 merged 2x2 mystic, 2 stacked 4x4 mystic, 3 stacked 3x3 mystic, 2 small steps knot, 3 small steps knot, tall treasure door, golden bell, water chestnut blossom, stacked stone chime, fish)

This link is only available to members with junior or intermediate medals which are given to those who have passed the relevant test:

  1. 回菱盘长 (Going back to the long plate / 6x6 hollow square mystic/hui ling)

  2. 水滴盘长 (drip tray long / teardrop mystic)

  3. 减线盘长 (The length of the wire is reduced / pan chang knot with reduced cords [triaxial weave mystic])

  1. 移位盘长 (Shift plate length / type 1(a) shiftweave pan chang knot [2x2 shiftweave mystic, 90 deg, u1o1])

三. 团锦部分 (Brocade part / round brocade section)

  1. 十套团锦结(进四包四) [ten groups Jin knot (into four packs of four)/ decagonal (10o4) round brocade knot]

  1. 十二套团锦结(进五包五) [Twelve sets of knot (into the five packs of five) / dodecagonal (12o5) round brocade knot]

  1. 多套空心团锦(12套进二包二) [Multiple sets of Hollow Brocade ( 12 sets into two packs two) / dodecagonal (12o2) round brocade]

  1. 套色团锦 (8套进三包三团锦套色) [29 sets of color brocade ( 8 sets of three packs into three groups Jinchu color) / octagonal (8o3) sidelined]

  1. 团锦正蝴蝶 (groups are positive butterflies / octagonal (8o3) round brocade butterfly)

  1. 团锦倒蝴蝶(都是八套进三包三) [group fell down butterflies (all eight sets of three packs of three) / octagonal (8o3) round brocade butterfly inverted]
freehand video:

  1. 团锦共用套部分 (Brocade shared sets of parts / triaxial weave strip)

四. 宝结部分 (bao knot section)

  1. 套色宝结 二宝5套 (two toned 2x5 bao knot)

  1. 套色宝结 三宝3套 (two toned 3x3 bao knot)

  1. 套色宝结 四宝4套 (two toned 4x4 bao knot)

  1. 复翼叠翼宝结 二宝4套 (stacked wing 2x4 bao knot)

  2. 复翼叠翼宝结 三宝3套 (stacked wing 3x3 bao knot)

  3. 复翼叠翼宝结 四宝2套 (stacked wing 4x2 bao knot)

五. 花股结部分 (Flower knot section / flower hoop/turkshead section) (** based on the A/B notation and a quick scan of some references, I’m picking a line from the right hand side of the disk and counting [O]vers and [U]nders leftwards, stopping when I get to the middle. THIS COULD STILL BE WRONG, caveat lector! But, even though I’m sort of watching the Olympics (Go Team Canada!!) at the same time, the correlation with the A/B notation leaves me fairly comfortable that I understand what is going on and have it right.)

  1. 五股四花(BABA型) [5L4B uouo]

  1. 五股六花(BABA型) [5L6B uouo]

  1. 五股六花(ABAA型),[5L6B ouoo]

  1. 七股八花 (ABBAAA型) [7L8B o1u2o3]

六. 吉祥变化部分 (Auspicious change part / Good Luck Knot section)

  1. 复翼吉祥 (Avalon auspicious (Google Translate)/ good luck knot with compound outer loops (Chen)/good luck knot with inset ears (me))

  1. 灵芝 (Ganoderma lucidum (GT) / Lingzhi knot (Chen) / good luck knot with flowery inset ears (me))

七. 锁结部分 (Locking part / lock knot section)

  1. 锁结 (lock knot / hexagonal (6) lock knot)

  1. 锁结变化 4-1攀缘 (lock changes 4-1 climbing / hexagonal (4v1) lock knot)

  1. 锁结变化: 叠翼六瓣锁结 (lock changes: Stack wing six lock / hexagonal (6e2) lock knot with overlapping ears)

八. 斜卷部分 (Oblique volume / macramé section)

  1. 小金鱼 (Small goldfish)

九. 流苏部分 (Tassel section)

  1. 挑字流苏 (Pick the word tassels / pickup weave tassel necks)
    Can be the same picture as the cross, you can also do any pick word tassels.

十. 冰花部分 (Ice flower part / ice flower knot section)

  1. 连体冰花 (Siamese ice flower)
    在高级阶段,要求学会看简图编连体冰花,先根据胡波老师的3*3 复翼连体冰花 教程,学习如何看简图,编连体冰花,这个只作为学习练习用,不必填报。
    In the advanced stage, asked to learn simplified figure series Siamese ice flower, first according to Hu Bo teacher’s 3 * 3 reef conjoined Binghua tutorial, learn how to read the sketch, make Siamese Binghua, this only as a learning exercise, do not have to fill in.

等会看简图编连体冰花了,再以下面的4*2冰花磬结简图为主结体,编一冰花挂 饰(可以是仿 的,也可以此为主要结体,进行变化),这个挂饰要求填报。要求是 完整挂饰,包括流苏。 上下付结,抓耳,配件等都可以自己搭配变化。

Etc. will see simplified figure series Siamese ice, and then to the following 4 * 2 ice flower stone chime knot simple figure-based knot, compiled an ice hanging Decoration (can be imitation, but also can be the main knot, to make changes), the ornaments require filing. The requirement is Complete ornaments, including tassels. Up and down to pay, ear, accessories, etc. can change with their own.

  1. 有轴套色冰花 (Sleeve color ice cream / two toned ice flower knot with rails)
    用两种颜色的线,编下面的挂饰:中间主体结跟下图一样,上下付结可以改变。 要求是完整挂饰,包括流苏。
    With two color lines, the following ornaments: the middle of the main knot with the following figure, up and down to pay to change. The request is complete with ornaments, including tassels.

with string:

Of the 6 following options, pick 2
十一. 看实物图片,编组合结(52.53):看以下六个组合结实物图片,任意选择其 中两款,编出 来。
Look at the real picture, knot knot (52.53) : See the following combination of six strong picture, choose any two of them, compiled out.

Six multiple-choice questions produced instructions and instructions on the 4th floor

  1. 花股结和有轴冰花组合 (flower knot and a combination of axis ice crystal / flower hoop faced hexagonal (6) good luck knot with a ring of ice flower knots)
  2. 三宝, 四宝组合:(这个要求提供正反两张照片) [Sambo , Si Bao combination : (this request provides two positive and negative photos) / 4 (3x6 bao knots with square cloverleaf corners) into 4x4 bao knot with ring knots at the points (take picture of front and back)]
  3. 六瓣锁4-1攀缘和盘长结组合 (six-lock 4-1 climbing and long plate combination / hexagonal (4v1) lock knot mystic combo)
  4. 盘长回菱和团锦组合 (plate long back to Link and Mission Kam combination / hollow mystic square with inscribed square cloverleaf)
  5. 二宝和移位盘长,滚边(上滚)团锦组合,(这个要求提供正反两张照片) [Treasure and shift plate length, piping (roll) Mission Kam combination (this request provides two positive and negative photos) / 2x5 bao knots on the corners of a 3x3 shiftweave mystic with a sidelined central octagonal round brocade knot]
  6. 单线藻井和套色团锦组合 (single-line caisson and Taochun Kam combination / two tone sidelined octagonal (8) round brocade ringed by (one working end) plafond knots. </ol> See the last section for more details on the construction of these 6 projects 十二. 发挥部分(54,55) [Play part (54 , 55)]
    从初级,中级,高级的内容中选择,自己任意编制两个小组合,也可以加以变化。 (不要仿制,加点自己的创意)
    Choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced content, or create two small portfolios of your own, or change it. (Do not copy, add your own ideas)
    标题: 高级达标考核选择题制作提示说明
    Title: Advanced Standard Assessment Multiple Choice Production Tips
    1. 花股结,吉祥结和有轴冰花组合:
      Flower hoop knot, auspicious knot and a combination of axis ice crystals 制作说明:该作品是由冰花结和花股结组合的作品。
      Production Description: The work is composed of ice knot and flower hoop knot combination of works. 作品的用线量5号线,花股结1.7~1.8米,冰花结3.2~3.3米。成品直径约10CM,花芯直径约 5CM。
      works with the amount of line 5 line, flower knot 1.7 to 1.8 meters, ice knot 3.2 to 3.3 meters. Finished diameter of about 10CM, core diameter of about 5CM. 主要编结过程 (the main knotting process)
      1. 编花股结。取5号线1.7米编ABAA型五股六花的花股结(即从外顺时针向中心走线挑压挑挑,从中心向外走线压压挑压。把中心抽紧并把6个耳翼平均向外拉长成放射状。
        knotted knot Take line 5 1.7 meters ABAA type five strands of six flower knot (that is, from the center clockwise pick pick pick from the center outbound line pressure pick the center tighten and put 6 Ear wings lengthen outward radially.
      2. 做花股结吉祥变化。压二层,第一层顺时针压二,第二层逆时针压二。(也可第一层逆压,第二层顺压)
        do flower knot auspicious changes. Pressure two, the first layer clockwise pressure two, the second layer counterclockwise pressure two. (Also the first layer of pressure, the second layer of pressure)
      3. 做好花股结吉祥变化后翻到正面,把耳翼两侧分成一对一对(耳翼的左右侧分别与相邻的 耳翼的一侧配成一对)。
        Make the flower knot auspicious changes turned to the front, the ears flanked by a pair of one pair (left and right sides of the ear wing, respectively, adjacent to the side of the ear flanked pair).
      4. 编冰花。挂饰是取5号线3.2米平均对折主线编。冰花组合的方法是一个四耳冰花间隔一个 有轴冰花,主线编从中间分左右各有一个交叉点,轴冰花是以第3) 点中花股结每一对耳翼线 为轴的。
        Code ice flowers. Strap is taken on the 5th line 3.2 meters average fold the main line. The method of ice flower combination is a four-ear ice flower separated by a shaft ice, the main line from the middle of each have a cross point, the axis of ice is 3 ) points in the flower knot every pair of ear wing axis.
      5. 整形的方法。整个结的走线完成后,先把冰花结的线抽好,再整花股结的线。 花股结的快 捷调线方法是拿结的反面,把外圈的耳翼的线一对一对的抽到吉祥结的位置,再翻到正面, 把吉祥结的多余的线抽到花芯的耳翼位置,稍稍整理作品就完成了。这一条的先决条件是, 第1)点中的“把6个耳翼平均向外拉长成放射状”,注意平均二字。
        plastic method. After the alignment of the entire knot is completed, the first line of the ice knot pumped well, then the whole flower knot line. The knot knot is the opposite of the knot knot, the pair of outer ears of the ear line of a pair of pumped to the location of the auspicious knot, and then turned to the front, the extra lucky knot line drawn to the flower core The location of the ear, a little finishing work is completed. The prerequisite for this article is that in point 1 ), "stretch the six ear wings radially outwards", taking note of the average of two words. </ol>
      6. 三宝, 四宝组合 (Sambo , Sambo combination / combination of triangular and square bao knots) 制作说明:五号线7米
        Production instructions: 5 line number 7 meters 结型:四方型,上下左右各一个三宝6套,三宝上边的两个挂角是三耳酢浆草结。
        中间四宝4 套,有耳翼与三宝相连。上下左右三宝与四宝之间各嵌四个五瓣花箍 环。
        Configuration: 4 fold symmetry; top, bottom, left ,right are 3x6 bao with square (4) cloverleaf knots in the outer corners. 4x4 bao in the middle, shares ears with the outer baos. 5B3L flower hoop rings cover the joins between inner and outer bao. 要求:酢浆草结,三宝,四宝结面一致。结型对称。提供正反两张图片。
        Requirements: square cloverleaf, triangular bao, square bao. Junction symmetry. Record pictures of both the front and the back.
      7. 六瓣锁4-1攀缘和盘长结组合 (compound hexagonal lock (4v1) and mystic) 制作说明:该组合结上面一个双联结然后是一个人字面六瓣锁4-1攀缘结,用六瓣 锁4-1攀缘结 的两个耳和出线两边各编一个盘长,要求都是人字面的。然后编一 个双联结、有配件加一个 配件,无配件编5个金刚结,然后编一个双联结,再编 并行的2个六瓣锁4-1攀缘结、一个双联 结,最后用线头做两个八字结结尾。
        Description: The combination of knot above a double joint and then a literal six-lock 4-1 climbing knot, with the six-lock 4-1 climbing knot two ears and the outlet on each side of a braided length, the requirements are all people Literally. And then compiled a double link, with accessories plus an accessory, no accessories compiled 5 diamond knot, and then compiled a double link, and then compiled in parallel two 6 lock 4-1 climbing knot, a double link, and finally the first two A character ending.
      8. 盘长回菱和团锦组合,(plate long back to Link and Mission Kam combo) 制作说明:团锦共用套盘长回菱,10耳进二包二空心团锦,中间是酢浆草结。下 面的小结六 耳实心团锦耳翼双钱勾连。6号线,3米主线,副线1.5米.
        Description: Assassin share a set of long disk back to the diamond ring, 10 ears into the second package two Hollow Brocade, the middle is Oxalis knot. The following summary of six ears solid group Jin ears wing double money hook even. Line 6 , 3 m main line, 1.5 m secondary line .
      9. 二宝和移位盘长回菱,滚边(上滚)团锦组合
        2 bao and the shift plate long back to the diamond, piping (roll) Mission Kam combination 用线量:六号线4米。
        With the amount of line: Line 6 4 meters. 制作说明 (Production instructions):
        结型:四方型,中间八耳团锦盘长变体,单面团锦上滚边。四角二宝五套,之间 以双钱结勾耳翼。上下两个双联结收线。团锦中间暗缝一粒珠子。
        Knot type: square, the middle eight earrings Jinpan long variant, single dough Jinjinbianbi. Corolla five sets of five, between the double money knot hook ear wing. Up and down two double-link received. Brocade middle dark seam a bead. 要求:宝结,团锦结,盘长结的结面一致。四个双钱结结面左右相对称。团锦单 面上滚边不 能透到反面。提供正反两张图片。
        Requirements: Po knot, regiment knot, plate knot consistent knot. Four double money knot relative symmetry. Brocade single-sided can not penetrate the opposite side. Provide positive and negative two pictures.
      10. 单线藻井和套色团锦组合 (single-line algae and Taochun Kam combo) 制作说明:先用套色线(米色)编一个八耳进三包三团锦结(也可以做进二包二)(松一点), 再用蓝色线跟米色线,做套色团锦,每个套的出线,结合进线编一个从上而下的单线藻井 结。
        Production instructions: first with the color line (beige) series of eight ears into three bags of three knot (you can also do into two packs two) (loose a little) And then the blue line with the beige line, do color sets brocade, each set of qualifying, combined with the line into a line from top to bottom of the single-line caisson. 要求藻井和团锦的结面一致。
        Requires caisson and Mission Kam consistent knot. 用线量估计约2.8米,0.8米,都是单线头运作,事先不剪断也是可以的,到最后调完线再剪 断)。
        Estimated with the line of about 2.8 meters, 0.8 meters, are single-threaded operation, without cutting in advance is also possible, to the end of the transfer line and then cut off). </ol>
        Test Item Concordance
        TA01 = -- (1x5 long mystic)
        TA02 = -- (3x5 treasure door)
        TA03 = -- (3x5 curved line)
        TA04 = ZA17
        TA05 = -- triangular mystic/pectoral knot
        TA06 = -- 2x2 unit mystic triangle
        TA07 = --
        TA08 = --
        TA09 = --
        TA10 = --
        TA11 = ZI13a
        TA12 = TA11 inverted
        TA13 = ZA19
        TA14 = ZA15
        TA15 = ZA16
        TA16 = ZA18
        TA17 = ZA10
        TA18 = ZA11
        TA19 = --
        TA20 = --
        TA21 = --
        TA22 = --
        TA23 = --
        TA24 = --
        TA25 = ZA20
        TA26 = ZA14
        TA27 = --
        TA28 = ZA12
        TA29 = --
        TA30 = ZA13
        TA31 = ZI14
        TA32 = ZI08
        TA33 = --
        TA34 = --
        TA35 = --
        TA36 = --
        TA37 = --
        TA38 = ZI14
        TAA01 = --
        TAA02 = ZIA05

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