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The THCA instructor test with comparison to the ZGJ tests plus a Japanese preview

The THCA has a specifically labelled instructor or teacher test consisting mostly of hoop flowers (turks head mats) and hollow mystic knots with a few fun cloverleaf and mystic knot variants. The ZGJ set of tests cover perhaps a third of the (admittedly repetitious) content here. The ZGJ advanced test also sprints completely into the wilderness, relatively speaking, with complex and involved projects.

Earlier this week, while matching Taiwan to China tests, I was thinking about asking some Korean and Japanese nodologists to kibbitz/offer opinions but then I had the revelation that their organizations probably (maybe?!?) had their own tests. It was at this point that I re-discovered in my archives incomplete information about the Japan Chinese Knotting Association (JCKA) and their tests. I considered mixing in the hardest JCKA test but it looks like they are still developing their instructor test. That said, I am still thinking about translating the beginner/intermediate tests and correlating them with the Taiwan and China tests. In any case, I have put out feelers to both Japan and Korea and will let you know what I find out.

檢定分級-師資 (jiǎndìng fēnjí-shīzī) THCA Teachers / Instructor Test
(26 knots with 3 inversions and 2 rotations, Pages 47-48)

01. 4股3花(單平結)	(4 gǔ 3 huā (dān píng jié)	/ 3B4L)
02. 6股5花(單平結起手)	(6 gǔ 5 huā (dān píng jié qǐ shǒu)	/ 5B6L)
03. 4股5花(五福)		(4 gǔ 5 huā (wǔfú)	/ 5B4L)
04. 6股7花(七巧)		(6 gǔ 7 huā (qī qiǎo)	/ 7B6L)
05. 5股4花(鈕釦環)	(5 Gǔ 4 huā (niǔkòuhuán)	/ 4B5L button knot var)
06. 7股6花(鈕釦環)	(7 gǔ 6 huā (niǔkòuhuán)	/ 6B7L button knot var)
07. 5股6花(六合)		(5 gǔ 6 huā (liùhé)	/ 6B5L (six unity))
08. 7股8花(八珍)		(7 gǔ 8 huā (bā zhēn)	/ 8B7L (eight treasures))
09. 盤長 90°位移(一)	(pán zhǎng 90°wèiyí (yī)	/ centre rotated 2x2 mystic (a))
10. 星辰結(八耳)		(xīngchén jié (bā ěr)	/ octagonal stellar knot)
11. 心形股長結(一)		(xīn xíng gǔ zhǎng jié (yī)	/ heart shaped mystic knot)
12. 心形股長結(二)		(xīn xíng gǔ zhǎng jié (èr)	/ heart shaped mystic knot inverted)
13. 盤長 90°位移(二)	(pán zhǎng 90°wèiyí (èr)	/ centre rotated 2x2 mystic (b))
14. 酢漿草結(複翼)		(cù jiāng cǎo jié (fù yì)	/ square cloverleaf + vertical fig 8)
15. 星形結		(xīng xíng jié		/ 4 pointed star knot)
16. 六角盤長		(liùjiǎo pán zhǎng	/ hollow hexagonal mystic knot)
17. 五角盤長		(wǔjiǎo pán zhǎng	/ hollow pentagonal mystic knot)
18. 水滴			(shuǐdī		/	hollow teardrop mystic knot)
19. 心形結(一)		(xīn xíng jié (yī)	/ hollow heart shaped mystic knot inverted)
20. 心形結(二)		(xīn xíng jié (èr)	/ hollow heart shaped mystic knot)
21. 回菱			(Huí líng		/ 5x5 hollow mystic square knot)
22. 十字菱		(shízì líng	/	5x5 mystic square w cross void)
23. 三角盤長(一)		(sānjiǎo pán zhǎng (yī)	/	hollow 5 mystic triangle)
24. 回菱			(Huí líng	/	5x5 hollow mystic diamond knot)
25. 十字菱		(shízì líng	/	5x5 mystic diamond w ‘x’ void)
26. 三角盤長(二)		(sānjiǎo pán zhǎng (èr)	/ hollow 5 mystic triangle inverted)

Test Item Concordance In addition to 3 inversions, 2 of the knots are copies of other knots but rotated 45° .

TT01 = -- 
TT02 = --
TT03 = ZI17c
TT04 = --
TT05 - ZA39
TT06 = --
TT07 = ZA40
TT08 = ZA42
TT09 = --
TT10 = ZI12a
TT11 = --
TT12 = TT11 inverted
TT13 = ZA25
TT14 = --
TT15 = --
TA16 = --
TA17 = --
TA18 = ZA23
TA19 = --
TA20 = TA19 inverted
TA21 = ZA22
TA22 = --
TA23 = --
TA24 = TA21 eigth turn
TA25 = TA22 eigth turn
TA26 = TA23 inverted

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