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Chinese knotting videos: int301

I’ve discovered the youTube channel of a 60 year old person (int301) in Taiwan which consists entirely of Chinese knotting instructions. The videos are silent, so the only language issue is the titles of the videos themselves. That’s where I can help a bit. 8) The following translations are not formal with canonical knot names, they’re just off the cuff notes I took for myself when I was looking at the videos

Looking at the full title of a video, the first one looks like this:
五福結 影片 中國結一線生機 提供

This part is duplicated, more or less in the title of almost all of the videos: 中國結一線生機 提供

Chinese Knot: 中國結
This part, I believe, means “video” more or less. Perhaps “instructional video”, but I have put no effort into an actual translation: 一線生機 提供

五福結 interlocked double coin medallion
雙錢結 double coin
五股六花 circular mat (five:五, unit/ply/portion/section:股, six:六, flower:花)
六股五花 circular mat (6 unit 5 flower)
十字結 cross knot
綬帶結 double loop cross
吉祥結 good luck knot
鈕扣結 button knot
琵琶結 pipa knot
雙線長扣 double (long) button knot
單線長鈕扣 inline double (long) button knot
萬字結 sauvastika
藻井結 plafond
蛇結 snake knot
金鋼結 interlaced snake knot
雙連結 double connection knot
項鍊伸縮 fisherman’s bend sliding clasp
酢醬草結 cloverleaf knots


Hi Carol...

About the videos compression. They're not that bad of compression. Youtube only allows so much in size for videos and they also have a time restraint on them. The only problem with the videos in that area, is they have the videos defaulted to load the full movie then play instead of streamed at 20% then play. The instruction upon first play go really quick too. Another issue with them. Otherwise good vids for the experienced tier. Brian...

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