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Marion's Jewels in Fiber

Marion's Jewels in Fiber

So, I’m going to the Bay area for Xmas this year and I was thinking: what do I want to do when I go there. Y’know other than shop. 8) And what I thought is that I’d really like to take one of Marion’s workshops. Sure, I could probably experiment and figure out how to do the beaded edging on the donuts or how to get the lovely smoothly aligned yarns on her braids, but why should I? 8)

Marion is an artist who does beautiful fibre art jewelry, much of which is based on kumihimo, Chinese knotting and micromacrame. Also, wonderfully, she is unafraid to share her techniques through teaching. Originally from Switzerland, she now lives in the San Francisco area and does Asian fibre arts. What’s not to love? 8)

I don’t know exactly how her workshops work, how she schedules them and such, but I figured maybe if I started communicating early enough I might be able to swing one scheduled when I was in the area, so I visited her site the other day and: hey, what’s that? Kits? Kits! Instructions and supplies and no need to figure out complicated scheduling or coordination. Sign me up!

So, I ordered up a kit (and let her know that I’d be blogging about it). Here’s hoping Canada Customs leaves the package alone…

Also, I discovered her blog which has pictures of her work (finished and experiments), reviews of books and is minimal on the details of her personal life. That’s the way I like my craft blogs, so that’s been added to the blogroll. 8)

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