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Globe Knot Beads Part 2

pink globe knot with 14 facets The offspring asked for a pink knot. Here is one. This is a globe knot with 14 facets. 14SGZ to be precise. Generally speaking, the more facets, the more I like it, but that’s not how you start people off. I actually timed myself this time. From start to where I’m reasonably happy to leave it alone is approximately 40 minutes. The slight football shape to the core bead is bugging me. The next core bead will be more round if I can find one without too much digging.

disclaimer on needle The warning on the card that packages the self-threading needle makes me laugh every time. Surely only our friends who live in the land of litigation would feel the need to put such a disclaimer on a needle. Well, at least it doesn’t have an age label and choking hazard warning. 8)


I think that if you look

I think that if you look inside of the book, you'll find the age disclaimer and choking hazard warning. Yes, it is sad. Americans are always looking for someone to blame for their own actions.

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