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When Wire Almost Behaves Like Fibre

When Wire Almost Behaves Like Fibre

square flower knot with beads So, I had this scrap of wire in my wire working box (cutters, pliers, cup burs, etc) and it was… 20cm long or so. What had I originally cut it for? What had I cut it off of? Dunno, but is it long enough to do anything with? Often when I’ve got some cord scrap in my hands they will do what they so frequently do: flower knots, button knots, double connection, double coin, etc. So, this little bit of wire, could I tie a flower knot in it with some beads? How would it look with such a small gauge of wire?

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Flower Knots in Wire

3 petaled flower tied in copper wire5 petaled flower tied in copper wire Since I can pretty much tie flower knots in my sleep, plus their interlacement points are minimal (compared to, say, the bao knot or the mystic knot) they were a no brainer for a quick experiment in wire. Obviously, I started with the 3 petal flower first shown in Wire Basics done with a pre-tied cord knot as a template. Why, you might wonder, would such a simple knot need a template? Couldn’t you freehand it? The answer is: maybe. The problem is that wire is very springy and requires at least 2 hands to bend in a controlled way. It’s just much easier to do with a template. Perhaps with experience and repetition you may no longer need a template, but to start… The ends were just slighly overlapped and left. They seem happy to stay that way.

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Good Luck Wire

3 good luck knot rendered in copper wire4 good luck knot rendered in copper wire Documenting this backwards: the first knot I tried because of the simplicity of the structure and easy construction was the good luck knot. Significant amounts of twisted wire cluttered my work area until I decided to try tied knot templates. Simple folded shapes, each one the same, fit together to form the knot. A little fiddling with the ends to make sure the pieces don't pop back out completes the knots.
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Mystic Wire Part 3

3x3 mystic knot pendant tied in copper wire3x3 mystic knot tied in copper wire I have these visions of graceful scrolls and curls, but things never seem to turn out that way. What I should be doing, of course, is cut the wire much longer and not be so concerned about waste (does anyone recycle/re-smelt copper bits like they do silver?) then this piece won't be too short and that one too long and the whole design not gel. Read more

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