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Good Luck Basics

4 good luck tied with red rope As you can tell from the logo over at The Chinese Knotting Homepage, the good luck knot is one of my favourites. To the left here started out as an experiment with decorative rope making. I wanted to see if I could duplicate a braided look with twisted rope techniques. The rope side of things worked out (at least to my eyes) but then what to do with it? The good luck knot seemed like a good choice as there is minimal fiddling with the cord during construction for this decorative rope with unknown durability. 4 good luck tied in black and rainbow To help emphasize the structure of the various knots, to accompany the monochrome example knot, I'm tying versions that are half rainbow and half black. The rainbow colours provide both contrast to the black and an indication of where along the length of the cord being used to tie the knot the various elements of the knot might be.
4 good luck tied in black and doubled with rainbow Similarly for the last knot on the left, a basic black knot is doubled with a rainbow cord. Terminology The good luck knot is different from most of the other knots with multiple ears in that there are double the number of ears than the size number of the knot would indicate. The 4-knots here on this page have 8 ears each. 4 short and 4 long. But, of course, ear size is subject to the whims of the knot tyer so basing terminology on that would be foolish. However, notice that what is traditionally the "long" ear comes out of the side of the knot and the "short" ear wraps around the corner of the knot. So, there you have some terminology to deal with the good luck family of knots.

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Lee Valley Tools is a local hardware/gardening/woodworking store. They don’t sell the plants or the wood, but they do sell the tools. They have stores across the country, but somehow it still feels wrong to call it a chain, perhaps because they are still family-owned (I think!).

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Globe Knot Beads Part 3

pink globe knot with 18 facets This one has 18 facets (18JBD). The base bead is less football shaped (kinda pointy towards the poles, vaguely oval/eye shaped in cross section) and more oblate. The best I could do on short notice, but overall I like the resulting globe knot better. The question is do I like it better because of the core bead shape or because of the more facets to the globe? I’m going with the facet idea.

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