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Featured Site: IWOM

I love the International Woman of Mystery (IWOM). She teaches, she shares freely, she buys extra supplies so that she can help those who don’t know where to get them themselves. She doesn’t treat everything she does with this ancient and traditional craft as an innovative contribution or somehow something unique to her (it probably helps that she lives in Hong Kong). She’s an enabler (and I mean that in the nicest possible way 8).

Her site is warm and friendly, have a look.

Xmas 2008 Snowflakes

6 sided good luck knot I started thinking about this year’s ornament sometime around November. Of course, if I wanted to make a seasonal kit to sell, I should start the process in the summer and be done some time in September or there’bouts. In any case, I was having my usual thoughts about stars and snowflakes and after a few prototypes decided to go with snowflakes.

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