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About Us

There I was thinking disgruntled thoughts about this other site where I couldn’t find any “About Us” type information. “Always tell people who you are, fool!” I thought, “It’s one of the first web rules along with ‘Always tell readers where they are, don’t expect them to know.’” But then I realized I hadn’t made an “About Us” page for this site. Since I was starting from personal thoughts and starting by telling, effectively, my knotty friends who presumably (assuming, bad!) know who I am… Well, enough self-justification, time to fix the problem. Also, in retrospect, my slogan is unhelpful in letting people know where they are… but one thing at a time.

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Xmas 2007

5 point stellar knot in blue and grey5 point stellar knot in red and gold I’m trying to start a new tradition/product line. So far I’ve almost carried through the tradition, but nothing on the product line front. What I’d like to be doing is designing a new festive tree ornament kit each year. If you look over at the shop site you’ll notice a distinct lack of ornament kits. It’s all in the timing and that, since I am the Queen of Procrastination, does not work in my favour.

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Flower Knots in Wire

3 petaled flower tied in copper wire5 petaled flower tied in copper wire Since I can pretty much tie flower knots in my sleep, plus their interlacement points are minimal (compared to, say, the bao knot or the mystic knot) they were a no brainer for a quick experiment in wire. Obviously, I started with the 3 petal flower first shown in Wire Basics done with a pre-tied cord knot as a template. Why, you might wonder, would such a simple knot need a template? Couldn’t you freehand it? The answer is: maybe. The problem is that wire is very springy and requires at least 2 hands to bend in a controlled way. It’s just much easier to do with a template. Perhaps with experience and repetition you may no longer need a template, but to start… The ends were just slighly overlapped and left. They seem happy to stay that way.

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Good Luck Wire

3 good luck knot rendered in copper wire4 good luck knot rendered in copper wire Documenting this backwards: the first knot I tried because of the simplicity of the structure and easy construction was the good luck knot. Significant amounts of twisted wire cluttered my work area until I decided to try tied knot templates. Simple folded shapes, each one the same, fit together to form the knot. A little fiddling with the ends to make sure the pieces don't pop back out completes the knots.
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