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Mystic Wire Part 3

3x3 mystic knot pendant tied in copper wire3x3 mystic knot tied in copper wire I have these visions of graceful scrolls and curls, but things never seem to turn out that way. What I should be doing, of course, is cut the wire much longer and not be so concerned about waste (does anyone recycle/re-smelt copper bits like they do silver?) then this piece won't be too short and that one too long and the whole design not gel. Read more

I've been virtually published!

The Knot Heads have published an eZine and the author of the second article is yours truly. Originally titled “Gender and Chinese Knots, Historically” (because I was resisting calling it “Sex and Knots” or “Knotty Sex”) it has been retitled a more generic “Chinese Knotting” although the contents have not changed, other than an editorial interjection, that I have noticed. I’ll probably republish the article here a some point, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a look now if you like. 8)

Edited in 2022: I just noticed that the original Knot Heads site has been taken over by an organization that does scary, scary web things. I’ve replaced the Knot Heads link with one to the Wayback Machine from the before times and disabled the zine link until I find my copy.

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