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The ZGJ -> THCA tests concordance

At this point I was going to do an analysis of the THCA and ZGJ tests, then synthesize a program that combines the two… But then I (re) found the Japanese tests which I am now in the process of translating. Clearly, I’m going to need to create a spreadsheet.

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The THCA instructor test with comparison to the ZGJ tests plus a Japanese preview

The THCA has a specifically labelled instructor or teacher test consisting mostly of hoop flowers (turks head mats) and hollow mystic knots with a few fun cloverleaf and mystic knot variants. The ZGJ set of tests cover perhaps a third of the (admittedly repetitious) content here. The ZGJ advanced test also sprints completely into the wilderness, relatively speaking, with complex and involved projects.

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The intermediate THCA and ZGJ tests compared

As you can see from the concordance section at the bottom, there is remarkably little intersection between the THCA and ZGJ intermediate tests. A few of ZGJ’s intermediate items are in THCA’s basic test but many more are in THCA’s advanced test and instructor test. Much of the compound knot section of the THCA intermediate test is concerned with a larger knot capped by 2 square (4) cloverleaf knots with the side ears of the bottom cloverleaf combined with ears from the main knot into triangular (3) cloverleaf knots. The shape strongly reminds me of amphoras, so I’m using that term to refer to this set of compound knots.

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