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The Creeper Knot (攀緣結, 당초매듭) in Korean

Using the Korean keyboard on my iPhone (much nicer than anything I could quickly find online for free), I am able to type the name of the knot I found, and the name of the book I found it in. Let’s start with the knot: 당초매듭 (dang-cho-mae-deup) which machine translates as “initially the knot” or “initial knot” a translation that lacks both poetry and, I suspect, gist. But, searching with “당초매듭” finds us this web page: which, after I turned off a few security settings, shows us… a creeper knot! Jackpot!

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Link Dump 2010.06.07

So, I was looking through my Japanese and Korean books looking for creeper and double coin references and came across what looks like a creeper reference in “한국매듭” which I’ll blog more about when I figure out how to type Korean (or I could do what I did to get this book title onto the computer which is look at a page of related text and pick out characters to cut and paste together). Then I had a look at my copy of Elegant Knotted Jewelry by Becky Meverden and there were double coin knots and romanized Korean: “nalgae”. Sounded plausible. Sounded familiar… Checking out my maedup translation grid we see nalgae is the name of the sauvastika knot. It’s a wing knot, but it’s a dragonfly wing, not a butterfly wing. sigh A search of Google Images bears that out.

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